Contravision MaterialContravision, also known as Perforated Adhesive Window Film or See Through Window Graphic  is a vinyl printed message on a transparent surface i.e. glass or perspex. The message will be clearly seen from one side but visibility is maintained on the other.

For instance if contravision is applied to the rear window of a vehicle, the driver can still see out while pedestrians can read the advertising message.

It's ideal for car rear windows, public transport windows, bus shelters, phone boxes, retail windows and at point of purchase. 

The material has a series of fine holes and self adhesive backing. It is printed with waterproof, lightfast inks. It can be used outdoors and laminated to extend it's life. Please be aware that these should be stuck onto the outside window and not the inside. Tip: Always wet the surface prior to fixing - this will help with adjusting the graphic to it's final position.

Benefits include:

  • Creating privacy
  • Reduction of glare & UV solar light
  • Eliminates "window clutter" overcoming conventional solid graphics.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Contra Vision on windows provides additional security for those inside who can see what is happening outside while those outside see only the signage on the windows. 

Contravision will cut down the available light, and restrictions do apply for vehicle window applications. 

We are happy to talk through the application of contravision to vehicle graphics or any other questions you may have.